Frequently Asked Questions

Will the CannaVault™ ever be available outside of Canada?

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we can not ship or sell outside of Canada at the moment. This can change at anytime in the near future though.

How long is a CO2 canister expected to last?

Although it will depend on how much use it gets and how long it's left open, but one could expect the cannister to last for approximately 200+ times of opening and closing

Can I refill my canister or do I have to get a new one and where?

The canisters can be refilled at many local hardware or auto supply stores where paint ball equipment is sold

Does the CannaVault™ act the same as a humidor?

The drawer in the CannaVault™ CVMini-S and CVMini-S Plus is sealed against moisture loss but is not an actual humidor. The app will allow you to monitor humidity and temperature though. Boost or similar moisture packs are compatable with the CannaVault™.

If I purchase a second unit with CO2, do I have to get another tank and regulator?

No, but you will need a T fitting (available on our accessories page) to attach a second hose to tie into the original. The one gas tank can easily supply several units.